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Bedroom Window Treatments

Window Treatments by Room: What to Consider when Selecting Window Treatments
for a Bedroom

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What to Consider when Selecting Window Treatments
for a Bedroom

For a bedroom, you want a window treatment that provides a high degree of privacy and light control.  If you like to sleep in very dark rooms, look for window treatments with a room-darkening fabric as well as an overall design that eliminates light gaps, seams and rout holes.

We carry Hunter Douglas window treatments, which are available in a myriad of modern and classic styles, colors and materials.  

Room-Darkening Window Treatments
A favorite room-darkening shade are Duette® honeycombs with the Eclipse™ fabric. This blackout shade won't let any light come into the room.
Other products that give the same room-darkening effect are EverWood® 2" alternative wood blinds or Parkland™ Genuine Woods blinds with the de-Light™routless feature. These blinds do not have any holes so you don't have any light leakage.

We will help you choose the right solution.
Whether your style is classic and elegant, funky and modern, rustic and country or sleek and contemporary, our experienced design professionals will work with you to find the best window treatment solution for your bedroom, all within your budget. 
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